Killing Weeds Naturally Around Nyack

Dated: August 4 2021

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I don't know about you, but my flower beds need a thorough de-weeding! Because of my dogs, though, I don't want to use chemicals to accomplish the task. So, here are some other ways to keep the weeds from appearing. And they won't hurt animals or the environment!

1. Newspaper -- lay a carpet of newspaper around the plants you want to show and cover with mulch or stones. The newspaper blocks sunlight and oxygen from reaching the covered soil and will smother weeds already sprouted plus prevent new weeds from growing. Throw down newspaper in 10-sheet layers, wet to hold it down, and cover with an inch or 2 of mulch/stones.  If weeds begin to grow in the mulch, add more layers, making a mulch-newspaper "lasagna." The newspapers eventually decompose and actually feed the soil.

2. Old shower curtains and carpet samples. In much the same way as the newspaper approach works, this approach can keep weeds from showing, too. These items typically do not decompose, so . . . but you won't have to replace them as often as the newspapers.

3. Corn gluten meal -- this corn by-product stops seeds from growing into weeds. The meal will prevent germination. So, spread it around established plants and do so after seedlings and transplants have taken hold in the soil. After harvest, spread the meal to prevent late-season weeds.

4. Vinegar. The acetic acid in 5% vinegar is a desiccant that draws the moisture and the life out of plant leaves. It's most destructive to young plants with immature roots, though it just rolls off weeds with waxy leaves (i.e. pennywort or thistle.) Make sure you cover the plants you want to keep before spraying! 

5. Vodka. Mix 1 ounce with 2 cups of water and a couple drops of dish soap. This works on weeds that live in the sun. It's not too effective on shade-loving weeds. Protect your desirable plants, because it will dry them out, too. 

6. Soap. The oil in soap can break down waxy or hairy weed surfaces, making them vulnerable to desiccants. So, adding a few drops of liquid dish detergent to vinegar or vodka sprays will keep the solution on the leaves. The soap also makes those leaves shiny, which helps you keep track of what has and hasn't been sprayed.

7. Boiling water. This approach burns the weeds up. It's particularly good for eliminating weeds in the driveway and walkway because the boiling water runs off these surfaces and cools before it reaches any desirable border plants. 

Enjoy your flower and vegetable beds -- weed-free!

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Killing Weeds Naturally Around Nyack

I don't know about you, but my flower beds need a thorough de-weeding! Because of my dogs, though, I don't want to use chemicals to accomplish the task. So, here are some other ways to keep the

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