Summer Water Games For Outdoor Family Fun

Dated: 06/13/2020

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Playing water games can be a fun and effective way to beat the heat when summer temperatures start to rise. They are also a great way to keep kids busy and entertained!

Not sure where to start? Never fear! These fun DIY backyard games are the perfect way for the whole family to unwind on a hot summer day—no pool required!

Game 1: Water balloon squat relay
A fast-paced team game that combines the speed of a relay race with the fun of water balloons. The entire family is sure to enjoy this one!

How to play: Two (or more) teams line up. The first member of each team grabs a water balloon and runs to the finish line, sitting on the water balloon to pop it. Then, they run back to the starting line and tag the next teammate, who then repeats the relay. Keep in mind that if the balloon pops before a player sits on it at the finish line, he or she must go back and start over. The first team with all players to finish wins!

Game 2: Plug the leak
This game is sure to keep the entire family laughing. There’s no graceful way to do this one—which is half the fun!

How to play: One player from each team fills a cup (with a hole in the bottom) from a bucket of water, then places it on top of his or her head to try to plug the leak. The players then race to an empty bucket (one for each team) at the finish line, and pour the water into it. Once both teams have finished, the team with the most water in its bucket wins!

Game 3: Duck, duck, splash!
A wet and wild twist on the playground classic, kids will especially enjoy this backyard water game!

How to play: Soak a sponge in water. The game is played just like Duck, Duck, Goose—except you wring the sponge out on the person’s head when you pick them.

Game 4: Defrost the T-shirt
Another game to keep the entire family in stitches with laughter—and stay cool, in the process!

How to play: Soak, fold, and freeze one T-shirt for each player. (Tip: When freezing folded shirts, lay them flat and stack them in the freezer, with layers of wax paper in between each shirt). Once frozen, pass out a T-shirt to each person. The first person who can get his or her shirt unfolded and put on wins!

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