Real Estate Market Setting Five Year Record

Dated: 12/13/2012

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As the year winds down for the local real estate market, I decided to take a quick look at the numbers for 2012 to see if we're still on track to break a 5 year sales record.  And as I check the numbers while I'm writing this blog, we have just broken the five year record by two sales.

We currently have 1198 single family home sales in the books for 2012.  The most sales we've had over the past five years was 1196 sales back in 2010.  With 337 properties Under Contract, and another two and half weeks left, it looks like we will be going well beyond the numbers for 2010.  

Although we are still way off from the peak numbers that we had back in 2003 where we had 2053 single family home sales, or even the 1512 homes sold in 2007, it's still a good sign that things are turning around.

Some sales that stand out include:

850 Piermont Avenue in Piermont - sold for $1,145,000

1 Old Stone Rd in Valley Cottage-sold for $1,373,500

261 Old Mill Road in Valley Cottage - sold for $1,125,000

38 North Central Ave in Nyack - sold for $520,000

312 Fulle Drive in Valley Cottage - sold for $470,000

736 US Hwy Rte 9W in Piermont - sold for $470,000

415 Glenn Ave in Upper Nyack -sold for $400,000

4 Kings Court in Valley Cottage -sold for $402,000

92 Branchville Rd in Valley Cottage - sold for $330,000

8 Joseph Ct in Valley Cottage - sold for $325,000

3 Kopac Lane in Palisades - Deal Pending -listed at $1,099,000

47 Schuyler Rd in Nyack - Deal Pending - listed at $875,000

73 Depot Place in South Nyack -Deal Pending - listed at $434,999

42 Ackerman Place in Nyack -Deal Pending - listed at $425,000

119 Castle Heights Ave in Upper Nyack -Deal Pending-listed at $439,000

865 Belleville Drive in Valley Cottage -Deal Pending-listed at $325,000

111 Jackson Ave in Nyack -Deal Pending -listed at $210,000


It's worth noting that Valley Cottage is finishing the year very strong.  Out of the total 46 single family homes to sell in Valley Cottage this year, 8 of those sales closed within the past 30 days, with two high end homes at 1 Old Stone Road and 261 Old Mill Rd.

With the flurry of closings over the past few weeks and the 337 home sales pending, it looks like the year will be ending on a very positive note.  And although this doesn't necessarily mean that prices will be rising anytime soon, the increased sales activity is definitely something to celebrate.

Happy Holidays.

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