Nyack School Board Budget Workshop Update April 5

Dated: 04/05/2011

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Just got a recap of tonight's (April 5) School Board Budget Workshop meeting. And I am wondering what everyone else heard. In regards to the elementary school - 6 of the regular education teacher assistants postions were reinstated 3 more elementary school teacher postions were added back, keeping class size about same Another Family Resource Center position was reinstated STARS afterschool program was reinstated at last week's meeting Waldron afterschool homework program was reinstated Brenda Grier, prior principal at Valley Cottage Elementary School, spoke super eloquently and received a standing ovation. Nyack College students that tutor the children at the Waldron afterschool program also spoke to support the children they help. The School Board and Superintendent did not give budget options and kept to the 2.9% budget increase. Some additional monies were found (from Albany) which allowed for the changes above. Don Hammond, a prior Nyack School Board President, who filled Brian Burrell's seat earlier this year, emphasized that this was not the time to cut the administration budget lines. This would not be fair to the incoming Superintendent. (Dr Montesano) as he will need the support to be successful. So folks, keep writing the School Board members that we elected and let them know your thoughts. What other questions remain? How are our special education students being supported? How will the budget cuts effect our electives and AP classes taught in the high school? Will our children have choices in terms of sport teams? What about our incredible arts department? I look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts.
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