2017 Red Threads

Dated: 12/08/2016

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"It ain't what you don't know that gets you in trouble. It's what you know for sure.. that just ain't so" Mark Twain

Welcome to the world of supersonic news feeds. A world where hand held devices are viewed every 3 minutes. Be it Tweeter, Instagram, FB, Fox, you name it .. opinions change, then change, and change again.  

What's real and what's not? 

Well we need to cut through the clutter and discover RED THREADS of news consistency to help make sound decisions as consumers.



The foundation of economics is simple - think times are good you SPEND, think times are bad you HOLD BACK. If 2008 - 2009 was a bench mark for BAD - 2017 is pointing towards GOOD. The average monthly mortgage for a new home (adjusted for inflation) is less than $900 per month (compared with $2000 per month in 2006). Wages are rising, consumer credit improved, and interest rates are a bargain. The Dow stands to clear 20,000 after January 20th and with an administration focused on home goods and services - its more than likely our economy will continue to outperform the rest of the globe. Economy RED THREAD - people will keep spending - times are good.


The laws of supply and demand are more reliable than history itself. Russia and Iran are literally PUMPED up for the new year - a year where OPEC promises to limit supply - while US focuses on increased domestic production. The days for controlling global oil production has passed - greed, mistrust, China slowing down, all point to more oil production than consumers demand. Thus prices will remain affordable. Sure there will be times when oil prices spike due to accidents, war, flare-ups, but law of supply and demand will triumph.  Energy RED THREAD - oil prices below $95 per barrel is still a bargain.


Key to successful career is to earn more than the average household. People are finding new jobs ( 4 out of 5 fastest growing segments are health care followed by Web Developers) - and those with learned skills + hands on (less on formal) will likely find it easier to take advantage of increased opportunities and wages. But no matter what field you're in - hard work and limitless hours is a common red thread. If your seeking a career where you can skate away with less effort and make more expect to be very disappointed.  Jobs RED THREAD - jobs will define more specialized skills - interning & apprenticeships more valued, and positive attitude / high energy levels (regardless of age) will define success.

Home Sales 

If the economy, energy and Jobs are positive - home sales will continue to improve. But buying a home is (still) more about a change in lifestyle - rather than ROI. It's clear Manhattan and Brooklyn home prices have bubbled on values over $2 million - but those markets got a jump start years ago. Residential home sales are strong (homes sold in 60 days is reality) and prices are rising very nicely (thank you for asking lol).  Home Sales RED THREAD - the market will continue to improve especially as sellers finally concede their 2006 home's value was indeed prompted up on bad (real bad) loans.

Car Sales  

Car sales started the recovery in 2010 and we have finally got through the process where those who "needed a car" finally bought (or leased) one - and those "wanting a car" continue to hunt down "deals". Car inventories are under control - an area that normally triggers increased incentive spending and subprime car loans have increased (a 525 credit score will get you a car). Fast food brands like Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, continue to offer up on the dollar menu - while premium brands like BMW, MB, Audi find fishing with entry priced offers much more effective than discounting their heavy metal carlines. Car Sales RED THREAD - Car Sales may have peaked - but continue to look for Fast Food brands to make the market most attractive and affordable for the masses.

Happy Holidays!

Robb )


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