Will We Have A Snow Day

Dated: 03/04/2015

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Will tomorrow be a snow day in Nyack?  Sometimes,  I find myself singing "Will we have a snow day?" to the tune of  the "Do you want to build a snow man?" song from Frozen.  That's because we've been frozen here in Upper Nyack for too long and it has affected my state of mind.

When the kids were younger, there were rituals that needed to happen to insure a snow day....put your pajamas on backwards, put ice in the toilet and a wooden spoon under your pillow.

As the kids have gotten older, long gone are the rituals and now we all are constantly checking our phones and computers.  The kids' phones beep and beep with texts from friends making predictions and hoping for a day off.  I check the weather way too many times.  Facebook friends are posting:  "Anyone know if it will be a snow day tomorrow" and then we all complain, "Wish they would tell us tonight".

So then, we all set off to try and make our own predictions.  Now, my favorite new weather channel site is Hudson Valley Weather.  They have several micro-climates and they consistently track the storms and update their site.  I believe, their site has been the most accurate.  Rockland County is area number 9.  For tomorrow, they are predicting that the storm will be heavier in the southern portion of the Hudson Valley meaning us -- In Rockland County and Westchester -- areas south of 1-84.

And for predictions, people use the Snow Day Calculator app/webiste (www.snowdaycalculator.com).  Today I saw on facebook that even teachers in one of the local school districts use the Snow Day Calculator app.  And one person said all the kids at Clarkstown South in New City use the app too.  Another commented that the app has been 95% correct this year only missing one snow delay.  This app is known to update every hour so it becomes more accurate closer to the morning.

Another useful app,my good friend Christine showed me, is Dark Skies.  It's not a free app --- but it has got neat tools.  If you let it, it will even alert you when it is about to preciptate.  And I like the daily forecast.  When you touch the date, it shows you a timeline of the expected precipitation.

So for tomorrow, right now, the Snow Day Calculator says 83% chance of a snow day, Hudson Valley Weather says 2-5 inches of snow for Valley Cottage/Nyack area, and Dark Skies says the snow will start around 1 am and continue throughout the day tomorrow with 3-6 inches of snow possible.  Nothings 100 percent sure, so bags are packed for school and by the door, alarms are set, and I'm kind of hoping the phone rings at 5 am to say ....No School!  Snow day!

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